Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm in love with Idol.... AGAIN!

Hello blog friends!

So I used to maintain a blog that was dedicated only to American Idol, but I realized I just don't have the time I'd like to fully dedicate to the cause.  Still, I LOVE writing about American Idol and sharing my thoughts and reviews on the contestants... so I decided that from time to time, I'll just post an update here on my personal blog! 

Let me first of all say, that I've had a love/hate relationship with Idol this season.  When the audition shows first started in January, I was in love with my favorite show again.  Steven's jokes.... Jennifer's funny comments... it was just all reminding me of how much I missed Idol (and how much BETTER it is than X-Factor!).  But... then as time went on and we moved to Hollywood rounds, I was realizing just how slim this season is on talented standout stars!  Is it because we are 11 seasons in and the show is reaching a burnout point?  I was really starting to get worried... and was sad that my favorite show seemed to be taking a downturn. 

THEN.... last week's cut to the top 13 REALLY had me in a love/hate situation.  First of all, I was upset that they were only doing ONE semi-final cut.  It seems unfair that these people only get one show to make it.  And I felt particularly bad for the people who got little to know airtime up until now (poor Chase Likens... he stood no chance at all).  I couldn't believe they weren't stretching the semi-finals out for a longer period of time. 

BUT... then once the results were in, I was pleasantly happy and back in love with Idol!  I can't explain in words how enthralled I was with my TV during the wild-card sing off.  I was really hoping that Jeremy and Erika would be called up to sing... and when the did I was literally clapping and cheering... in my room... alone.  I know.  I'm sad.  If thats not sad enough, I literally teared up when Jeremy was singing and the camera panned to JLO with tears in her eyes.  What is my problem?  Why am I so attached to this show?  Needless to say, when Erika and Jeremy both got selected by the judges, I was ecstatic. 

When all was said and done, I was pretty happy with the top 13.  I was VERY thankful that some people didn't make it though (in particular, Reed Grimm who annoyed the piss out of me from day one).... and sad/surprised that some didn't make it through (I really thought Jen Hirsch was good).  Still... the results could have been a LOT worse.  All in all... once the 13 people were revealed, I was back in love with Idol.

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